Veteran Owned

Asset Management Plan Managers

Managing Assets & Your Plans

Small Business

We First Gain Understanding By Listening To Your Why. We Then Provide Insights That Show How. Let's Strategize!

Real Estate

 Transactional Coordinator Firm Assisting You In Building A Portfolio, Maximizing An Existing One Or Making Your First Purchase.


We Structure Your System To Receive
Traditional Funding, Business Funding, Hard Money, Private Money, Our Money, All Money.

Blake Investment Group

Transactional coordinator providing strategic consulting services that solve business, real estate, and funding challenges.

  1. Operations Advice
  2. Asset Management
  3. Plan Management
  4. Organizational Planning
  5. Process Improvement
  6. Marketing Reach
  7. Logistics
  8. Cash Flow
  9. New Business Setup
  10. Budgeting
  11. Policies & Procedures
  12. Brand Development